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3G Games

Video games and consoles are great ways to have fun whether you are at home or in travel. In some of these video games, you can actually play with your peers or family members. If you are always traveling, there are also video games and consoles available for you, such as the handheld consoles. These video games gained their popularity during the 3G games era, which made history and significant development in the videogaming industry.

What are 3G games

3G games or third generation games are video and console games developed and popularised during the later years. These games are a far cry from games that were developed decades ago.

History of 3G games

It was in 1980s that the gaming industry gave birth to 3G games through the popularity of Famicom (Family Computer) in Japan and its American counterpart, the Nintendo Entertainment System. These period of the popularity of 3G games is considered by some as the modern era of console gaming. In the later part of the 3G games era, handheld consoles such as Game Boy gained popularity. These 3G games consoles are highly portable and very practical for travel. The 3G games era also gave birth to role-playing video games. In these 3G games, the players are given a new and unique experience in gaming. In this kind of 3G games, the players are cast into the role of different characters with certain sets of skills and powers.

Some examples of 3G games

The 3G games era of video games is also considered by some as the time when many of the famous video games franchises were made. Among these famous 3G games are the following:

* Super Mario Bros - This 3G game is one of the bestselling video games of all time.
* Final Fantasy - This is also one of the best-selling console games of the modern times. It consists of a series of games; each game has an independent storyline.
* The legend of Zelda - This game is one of the classic examples of games in the action and adventure genre.
*Bomberman - This game is in arcade style. It is a maze-based video game, which was first released in the 1980s.

How to access these 3G games

If you want to access these 3G games fast and easy, you just have to find the websites that allow downloads of these 3G games. You can find some sites that also offer free downloads of these games. Some sites, however, may require you to pay a certain amount for each game download.